“Our successful formula is simple. Run like the wind, beers, laughs, nachos.”run4nachos.com
tracks the exploits of a bunch of like minded people …… we love to run and we love to socialize!

Our name came from the fact that when we’ve finished a run we don’t just high five each other and go home – hell no. We go to one of the great pubs in the area, have a beer or coffee, share great conversation, a lot of laughs and more often than not a big plate of nachos.

So take a jog through our site. In the blog you’ll find we write about our races, training runs, events, as well as a whole load of other whacky stuff we get up to.

So lace up those runners and come and have some fun. Check out our next run page to find out where we’re running next, we’ll be really pleased to see you.

Our Story 

None of us really knew each other at the start but we all had a common interest of keeping fit and looking on the bright side of life. You know, we’re all ‘glass half full’ type of folk. The common denominator was the gym we all used – Tong Louie YMCA. It’s a great facility with friendly staff and a happy atmosphere. A few of us would attend the organised classes while others would workout on the machines upstairs.

Some of us were very new to running, having only done the odd km on a treadmill at best. This all changed when the ‘Y’ began their ‘learn-to-run’ training clinic for the Vancouver Sun Run 2014. This is an annual 10km race around the city of Vancouver and attracts some 45,000 runners! Over the next 3 months we trained every Sunday morning as well as Tuesday and Thursday evening. It really helped and we all became great friends with the whole group.

Since then we’ve kept training together and have entered various races and fun events including a Tough Mudder, some Spartan races, the MS Muck run and the Las Vegas half marathon. These days are calendar of runs and events is growing fast and so is team r4n – you can read more about our runs and the fun events we get up to in the blog.