Another new sponsor …. is there a theme here?

We’ve managed to secure our second sponsor! The Henry Public House in Cloverdale have agreed to sponsor the run4nachos team. Yes, I know, it’s another pub … but they do great salads as well! And you can always have a coffee or one of those healthy juice thingys that look like something the cat left you in the morning.
Anyway ….

This is the Deal

The Henry are making us personalized keytags for each member with run4nachos on it. Every time you go to The Henry and make a purchase, show them your keytag and they will contribute 10% of the total bill to the run4nachos fund. We can then drawer on this fund whenever we wish and use the money for any event we choose.
On top of this, The Henry will also allocate an additional 10% of our total spend towards an ‘end of season’ party. Now how sweet is that!
So get yourself out there for our Thursday training runs, take friends and family there for a meal or just get out there for a couple of drinks and a few laughs. The Sunday morning breakfast is exceptional. For about 8 bucks you get a breakfast that will last you the whole day
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  1. I guess that means next years run4nachos shirts will have some sponsors names on them. Haha

  2. Post

    Well that’s not part of the current deal Matt but we might try and get them to pay for part or all of the shirts next year if we put their logo on the other sleeve 🙂

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