Glamming it up for Vegas

The final Sunday morning training run has now been completed by the seven nachos who are Las Vegas bound on Friday 14th for the half marathon next Sunday.


A sumptuous multi course breakfast was laid on by Fran, complimented by beer, wine and coffee laced with Baileys. It was just what the doctor had ordered for these highly tuned athletes preparing for a big race.

There was plenty of talk around the breakfast table of how to spend our spare time in Vegas, this ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous to the barely legal to the “what goes on in Vegas …..”


Talk then focused on our running gear and how many of the thousands of competitors would be “appropriately dressed” for a run down the Las Vegas strip. Many Elvis’s will be seen as well as some pretty outrageous costumes. Claudette contemplated wearing a tutu and thought how lovely it would be if Dean, her little monkey, would wear a matching outfit. Naturally we all agreed.

Talking of monkeys, one of the themes of the morning was “what Chinese year were you born in?” We soon found out that amongst us we had, 3 tigers, 2 monkeys, a horse, a rooster, a dog and a goat. It got worse, as, delving a little deeper, Christine found the so called “compatibility percentage” between partners who were born in those particular years. Turns out our partners ranged from an 81% sex crazed couple to a 42% “forget it and head for the exit!” Oh isn’t life interesting?


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    Thanks Ryan! Would be great to get back running with you and share some laughs and a beer or two.
    If you want to write something for the blog that would be great. Anything at all, serious, humorous, libellous, we don’t care …. you know we always listen to you!

  2. Post

    Haha Adele, I tell you we laugh so much I think we’ll drop down dead holding our sides before too long!
    No there was no hound, although that would have been apt for Vegas, where I’m sure there’ll be a few Elvis ‘hound dogs’.
    Not sure I’m supposed to say who was the Goat …. wouldn’t want to upset Roger, actually I think it was supposed to be a ram but goat just seemed to fit soooo well! 🙂

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