Global Nachos Gallery?

So here’s the thing. Every time we go out running people stare at us. At first I thought it was just Roger’s good looks but then I woke up and realized it was the shirts …. people love them (sorry Roger). So I got thinking. Let’s take as many photos of these lime-shock suckers in as many different places all over the globe as we can. You don’t have to be running, it can be anything. On vacation, in front of a famous building, in a sports stadium watching your team, at a concert, kissing Santa Claus – heck I don’t know. Anything unusual. Use your imagination.

First up will be Jen. She’s off to Costa Rica this weekend on vacation and has promised me faithfully she’ll take some pics of herself while zip-lining and surfing in her r4n shirt!

We also have James and Tam in the UK, they’ll be able to get some good shots in historic and amusing places there, I’m sure. Tea with the Queen? Hey, photo-bomb comes to mind?

I’ll then add all the shots you take into our ‘Global Nachos’ photo gallery on this pathetic website. So get snapping and make sure your run4nachos shirt is the first thing you pack when you go away. So get out there and do your stuff guys!

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  1. Someone I know is going to San Fran soon. Hmmmm could I arrange that he goes to Alcatrase and they keep him there

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