Grouse Mountain Climb

Tracey was the team leader on this one as she used to live at the base of the mountain and still climbs it on a regular basis. Half of us went up the traditional ‘grind’ route and the other half climbed the BCMC trail to the top.

Both climbs are tough with the grind climbers having to tackle the ‘stairway to heaven’ and the BCMC climbers having to trek through the steep wooded slopes of the mountain. Both climbs have an elevation of around 2800ft. The grinders were first to the top and quickly found a spot in the restaurant with a beautiful view and a table big enough for us all.

After a great lunch, lots of laughs and an impromptu ice bucket challenge from Jamie, we all went to see if we could spot the bears. They were hiding in a large enclosure on the mountain and, while most of the people there were grouped around the front trying to locate the bears, we decided to circle around to the back. Our luck was in, there was a huge bear just sitting minding his own business just a few feet from us, so a great photo opportunity. A few of us then decided that, as we’d made it this far, we may as well climb right to the top where the wind turbine is.

A fantastic day with stunning views, thanks Tracey!

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