It’s a run4nachos Weigh In!

In support of Fran’s up coming surgery, her inevitable weight loss and also as a motivation for those who feel that they could lose a few stone (pounds, kilos, grams, ounces, and any other unit of weight you choose to use) we are going to start a run4nachos weight loss challenge!  This is done on a percentage loss so don’t be put off, come and sign up!

This is a Jen, Greg, Shauna initiative

Sign Up Here!

Here’s the ground rules:

Weight loss will be measured by percentage lost from your original weight. (Ie. 200lbs at the start and 175lbs at the end is 12.5% lost)
Sign up is $20.
Prizes: Winner takes 75% of the winnings. Second place takes 25% of the winnings. Last place does 100 minus their age in burpees! (If you’re overseas, we expect a video montage of the burpees!) Prizes will be announced on November 30th!
To facilitate participation by our international friends, weigh ins can be done on a scale of your choice! Just stand on the scale and take a picture of your feet and the number on the scale! Then just email it to the sign up address.
Time Frame: 3 months total. (Ie 21st of August to the 21st of November) Start date is from the 14th to the 28th of August. You pick, include the start date in your email sign up with your weight.  Fran’s big day is the 21st so this way you get a one week window on either side. (A midway weigh in is an option. Let me know if you’d like this as added motivation.)
When Fran is back up to her normal Pocket Fran self, we’ll find some way to celebrate everyone’s accomplishments!

Although this is primarily for nachos, if you have a friend who could benefit from the challenge and you’d like to take their money, they can join us too! Encourage them to sign up.

Don’t make us call anyone out! Think of Fran!

Jen J. 🙂

Sign Up Here!
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