Lights … Camera … Action!

Our first ever run4nachos shirts have arrived so we’re planning to have a big splashy photo shoot. The limos are booked, the red carpet’s on its way and the paparazzi invites have gone out. Unfortunately The Bellagio in Vegas double booked us, but no worries as we’ve managed to secure the grass area outside the YMCA and part of the car park at The Big Ridge – so it’s going to be great. Yay!

We’ll be putting together a short movie presentation of the event to post on this pathetic website later. So bring your cameras/phones with you and email me any good, off the cuff, amusing or embarrassing still shots and video snippets you get, and I’ll include them in. Of course.

So, slick back that hair, practice that pout and be prepared to strut your stuff with Oscar like confidence!

Meet at the ‘Y’ at 11am this Sunday March 8th wearing your new run4nachos shirts. We’ll do the first shots there then go over to Big Ridge for some extra footage. We’ll also, no doubt, stay for a beer and a bite after all that excitement. Not to mention the screaming crowds.

See you there my darlings! 😉

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