Muck MS – Chilliwack

A great day of fun was had at the Muck MS event. This was a 5k fundraising event in aid of Multiple Sclerosis Canada. The course was muddy with around 12 obstacles along the route.Group Hug

The event was held at Dicklands Farm in Chilliwack, with the farm being transformed into a muddy course running through old corn fields and a beautiful wooded area. There were 11 of us in all and our team name was ‘The Cage Mud Racers’. As with most of these events the first obstacle is designed to get you wet and muddy from the gecko and it worked, straight into a large water hole followed by a climb up a muddy slippery bank.

All of the marshalls and helpers along the route were really friendly and encouraging so, Greg, being Greg, came up with the idea that we should show them some love back, with a group hug. This quickly became our trademark along the route as we ambushed many of them with a big muddy wet hug.

Greg also managed to be the only one, of all of the competitors, who had a problem with his crutch! It was foaming and erupting like a recently awakened volcano. This was due to the fact that he was the first to slide down a slope that the marshalls had just greased with washing up liquid. So Greg finished the last half of the course with open mouthed spectators very confused!

Of course we had to finish the event with a big mud throwing exhibition and a final ‘Group Hug’ of the starter and MC.

Oh we did have some fun, great day guys  🙂

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