Run for your lives …. it’s Halloween!

A big spooky thanks goes to Jamie for hosting a creepy, spine chilling, bone crushing, super awesome halloween party on the 31st. Every single person dressed up in some amazing and creative costumes! We had Sons of Anarchy,  mermaids, ladybirds, sherifs, court jesters, dead people, deep sea fishermen, gangnam style and even some idiot in a garbage can, among many of the fantastic outfits. It was a terrific effort by all with everyone deserving a big pat on the back.

There was some great food on offer and loads of drink including trays full of jello shooters with rum, vodka and tequila in them, so it was definitely a  Eat, Drink and be Scary” sort of evening. Even Jamie’s parrot had a good time, he loved it so much he tried to make a nest in Fran’s hair!

Here’s a selection of photos from the evening as well as a very short video clip. Thanks again Jamie, you’re a star!


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