So who’s the Biggest Loser?

So the much anticipated weight loss challenge results are in! It was a real horse race to the finish with a couple of unexpected final moves!
At the weigh-in half way mark here is what the top three looked like.

Half Way – the top 3.
Shauna Puchniak
Greg Puchniak
Dean Morrison
When the slightly lighter ‘fat lady’ finally sang, the men had lost a total of 72lbs (2.91%) and ladies had lost a total of 103lbs (3.26%). Well done girls!
weightLossAs a group, we lost a total of 175lbs! That’s more than each member of the final top three weighed to start with! As originally planned and as a motivation to continue making positive changes, the person with the least weight loss will have to do 100 minus their age in Burpees!

The winner of the “Burpee Prize” is James Leblanc! jamie-Dino-Meat-PopMr. Leblanc, you can pay up your fines at your earliest convenience and we want pictures or even better video of you completing your task 🙂

I’m hoping that everyone who took up the challenge is enjoying some new habits you’ve integrated into your lives. “Don’t diet, add new habits. Eventually the new habits will out crowd the old less beneficial ones”.

The Men – top 3

In 3rd place, with a total loss of 14lbs or 5.57% is Herb. Congratulations Herb.


The 2nd place male finisher lost a total of 11lbs for a final percentage weight loss of 5.76%. Nice one Ryan. That 30 day cleanse gave you a tidy head start.

Ryan Degner

The 1st place male finisher started with a weight of 219lbs and ended the weigh in at 205lbs for a 14lbs loss! With 6.39 % weight loss, Dean wins the male category (if we had one, which we don’t. So suck it up buttercup!)

Dean Morrison

The Ladies – top 3

The girls really showed the guys how to do it – big time! The top three ladies were also the top three for total weight loss! So much for the theory that it’s easier for men to lose weight!
Our 3rd place finisher lost a total of 9 pounds for a total percentage loss of 6.66% – Congratulations Tracey! You take home a cash prize of $90

Tracey Drebett

Our 2nd place finisher lost a total of 12lbs for a total percentage loss of 7.14% – Congratulation Jaime! You walk away with $210

Jamie Higgins

AND… Drum Roll Please …. The person with the biggest percentage loss of 9.81% and a total weight loss of 16lbs, while running 3 half marathons (one in VEGAS! – I don’t think that one helped her out though). Congratulations Claudette! You hit the jackpot and scoop the $300 1st prize!

Claudette Berard

Of course we shouldn’t forget that this was all inspired by Fran’s surgery and subsequent involuntary weight loss, so I’m happy to report that she’s back at it and mending quickly! Apparently she’s running a marathon later this year????? 🙂
I hope you’ve all taken some positives out of the experience. Thanks for being such good sports!
Jen J. 🙂

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