So you think you’re a runner?

Here’s a 12 point test to see if you can ‘officially’ call yourself a runner. If you can identify with 6 or more of these, you’re official! Have a go, it’s just a bit of fun for the Christmas holidays. If you can think of any more then add them into the comments section below (as well as your score) so we can all see them.  ps: Oh yes, I’m a runner  🙂 

You know you’re a runner when …  


… you’re stuck in traffic and you think “I could have run there by now”

… you’re too tired for hanky-panky on a Saturday night but can get up early on Sunday morning for a training run.

… you’ve spent more time watching your running app than your TV in the past week.

… you have more money invested in your running clothes than in the rest of your wardrobe.

… you move to a new area and the first thing you look for are running routes

… you start a pathetic blog about running… oops


… you know the distance from a certain place to another.

… you get on a flight and all your running gear is in a carry on for safe keeping, all your other clothes can go through baggage claim as they can be replaced.

… one drawer is dedicated to an assortment of knee braces, IT band straps, KT Tape.

… you can recognise your running buddies from behind from 500m away just from their running style.

… you will run even when it’s -9c.

… you look at your running app and think hmmm…..I can’t just stop at 4.7k heck, what’s another 300m?

Know any more? Add them into the comments section below 

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    By the way I scored 10 out of 12 🙂

    Just thought of another one.

    You know you’re a runner when … you’ve left your running app at home, so spend the entire run with one song stuck in your head!

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  3. Nope, just 10 out of 12. I run too much to have a blog and I take too much workout gear with me when I travel to carry it on.

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