The result’s in … and it’s shocking!

After lengthy discussions and exhaustive negotiations it’s finally been decided that the colour of the inaugural 2015 run4nachos t-shirt will be ……. wait for it, Lime Shock! Yes, Lime Shock. Well you can never say we tread the safe, easy path at r4n. Like our runners, this shirt will be bold, edgy, distinctive and definitely a little shocking.

The procedure for selecting the shirt was complex and demanding. A meeting was held at Big Ridge (where else) where examples of the shirts in 5 different colours were shown on an iPad. Our r4n peeps were then asked to select their 1st and 2nd choice colours, marking their choices down on a personalized hi-tech interactive device that was handed around (pencil and paper). Now you would have thought this would have been a simple enough task until one of us, who shall remain nameless, wanted to add another colour to the selection. Jen wanted grey. We caved. So grey was now on the short list, making 6 in all, she’s so demanding.

Each 1st choice was awarded 2 points and 2nd choice awarded 1 point. Then the shirt with the most points would be crowned the winner. Piece of cake, you’d think, right? Wrong. Some anomalies were quickly spotted by our hawk eyed runners, some dubious scribblings on the ballot papers and some misplaced math. It was like the US presidential elections all over again. Were pregnant chads going to decide whether Lime Shock or Grey would win? Just like when Bush beat Al Gore back in 2000?

A recount was demanded and a new mathematician summoned. In steps Danny, the only one amongst us who could count up to two accurately – says it all really. It was the crowning moment, the declaration. It was Lime Shock. An audible intake of breath was heard from one end of the table. What had we done? But we’re a united bunch and after another round of stiff drinks we were all agreeing that this was the only possible choice and were extolling the virtues of everything lime. Love it.

Lime Shock
11 points
7 points
6 points
5 points
Carolina Blue
5 points
Forest Green
2 points

So when can we get our mitts on them? 

Well we need to know how many to order first peeps. They come in short sleeve or long sleeve and the sizes are:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large

The cost will be roughly between $20 to $25. They will have the logo on the front and back and r4n with 2015 on the left sleeve.r4n-lime-tshirt

We’ll be doing a number of events this year that run4nachos will be entering either as a team or individuals and it will be great to get some recognition and exposure. They’ll be made of performance moisture wicking material and are of a good quality. The price is fantastic of course, a big shout out here to Roger and Christine who have the contact.

So if you want one or two or more either contact Dave or Fran with size, short or long sleeve and number required or just add your order into the comments section below. Spread the word guys, the more of these suckers we see out there the better. Shock and Awe dudes, Shock and Awe.  🙂


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  1. Hey Dave,

    You can put me down for two shirts. Will they be unisex? I’m unsure on the sizes… Do they compare to anything? Ie. like a sun run shirt or a spartan shirt?


  2. you can put me down for 2, 1 for Kelsey and 1 for me. Medium for me and medium for Kelsey. I’m guessing they will shrink a little in the wash?

  3. Post

    To everyone:
    I will be checking out if the shirts are unisex or if there are ladies and mens versions. I will also be giving a guide on sizes. There will be a cut off date for orders but at the moment you have some time to get your orders in. I’ll keep you informed.

    Lorrayne: At the moment we’re not exporting to the UK but I’ll let you know when we open up our international office 😉

    Pat & Wes: You’re from our Toronto branch, it would be great to see some exposure over there, get your order in 🙂

    Matt: They don’t shrink, they are the same as the ones we had done for the Tough Mudder and they’ve been great. Check back later when I give guidance on sizes.

    Spread the word guys!

  4. I’m SO happy Lime Shock won this controversial election (didn’t notice I voted twice, did you? KIDDING!) I’m in for a short sleeved, women’s medium.

  5. Post

    Everyone should have now received an email about the deadline for shirt orders. It’s January 31st.
    I will get back to everyone who has ordered a day or so before the deadline to confirm what you’ve ordered, so we get it right.
    If you know anyone else that would like one, feel free to order on their behalf or let them know how they can order.
    The shirts do come in ladies and mens styles and are short or long sleeve. They come in small, medium, large and x-large
    I’ll be in touch later. 🙂

  6. Hey Dave, if they’re the same fit as the Tough Mudder tech shirts (superior quality – thanks Roger), put me down for a Ladies Medium, long sleeved. Nice margarita green!

  7. Post

    Hey Jacinta
    Yes they’re the same shirts as the Tough Mudder shirts we had done. So consider your order as in.
    How about “Uncle Bob”? What size and sleeve does he want? 🙂

  8. Post

    Hey everyone
    You should have all received an email with links to charts showing the exact sizes and measurement of the t-shirts.
    If there are any changes let me know before the 31st 😉

  9. Please Sir can I have a short sleeved and a long sleeved both extra small. Ta Muchly- oh and by the way can you pay for them too 🙂 xx

  10. Hey Mr Dave, R4N Creative Director Extraordinaire,

    Please put me down for One Men’s Medium Short Sleeve if you please sir!

    You should do this sort of thing for a living, you’re amazing!

    Thanks also to Captain Chorizo Manhao.

  11. Post
  12. I’m so excited about the t-shirts that I must get a long sleeved one as well! They’ll be collector’s items for sure!

    So, my full order is:
    short sleeved – one women’s medium
    long sleeved – one women’s medium

  13. Post

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