The Stats are in for 2015!

It’s always interesting to look back at the year just past and analyze who’s been checking out our website! The results are, more often than not, surprising.

I’ve itemized several interesting stats that our website, courtesy of keeps track of for us. Of course the more we write the more hits the site will get, more on that later. For now here’s a few interesting statistics.

  We’ve been viewed in 44 different countries throughout the world (see below).
  We had a total of 4,159 page views.
   We had 745 page views via links from Facebook.
  We had 460 page views via search engines.
   Wednesday at 9pm is the most popular time people view the site.
  We’ve published 11 videos this year.
  We’ve published a total of 27 blog posts this year.
   Jen has published 2 blog posts.
   Dave has published 25 blog posts.

So get writing people!

I’d love to have more contributions from r4n peeps.
This is your website. Anybody can publish an article, funny, serious, off topic, rude, it doesn’t matter. I can do all the fancy stuff, just email me something, if you have photos even better. If not I can always find something appropriate 😉

Lets make it an even better run4nachos year in 2016!

Number of views around the world

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