Turbo Charged Bootcamp Night Mud Run – the movie

Saturday night could not have been wetter, in monsoon like conditions a group of hard core Turbo Charged BootCampers braved the conditions and did mad things in the woods at Watershed Park. Greg was in his element and revelling in it, leading us along pitch black trails that had turned into streams. He had a plan …. and it was a good one. After each run we returned back to a central area, the shooter station, where we had to knock back a shooter of Baileys or crack open a beer followed by an exercise. Then rinse and repeat! And hell we were rinsed …. did I mention it was raining?

Movie below 
It was a typical Greg, Turbo Charged BootCamp end of year bash. Exhilarating, exhausting and one of those “did I really just do that” moments.

Once we’d cleaned up it was back to Shauna and Greg’s for food and drinks. It was quite a night. A big congats to them both for pulling this off in the conditions. Greg’s talking about making this an annual event, so if you didn’t make it this year be sure to sign up for the next one. It was fantastic  🙂

Check out the movie ….. you’ll see what I mean. (9mins 19secs)


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