Two Trails – Two Wow’s!

For the last two Sundays a group of r4n nutters have run a couple of beautiful trails. Last Sunday we ran at Buntzen Lake.

Buntzen Lake 

We ran around the lake doing about 8 to 10k. It was a stunningly beautiful day with views to match, you cross the lake via a pedestrian suspension bridge with views both up and down the lake. This was a bit easy for the two crazies, Greg and Jen, so they just disappeared straight up the hill never to be seen again until we all met back at the cars afterwards! It was a wonderful day which I can thoroughly recommend.

Golden Ears Park 

Having had such a wonderful morning the previous Sunday, Shauna and Fran rallied the troops to do another run this week. The venue this Sunday was Golden Ears Provincial Park.

Wow, another stunner! Again the day was perfect so we ran/walked for about 12k, just breathtaking scenery, we filled our lungs with crisp pure fresh air and our faces were glowing when we got back.

It’s become somewhat of a tradition immediately after our Sunday runs to have a glass of chocolate milk laced with Baileys …. ’cause you know how good chocolate milk is for you. It’s another motivator to get you up and out of your bed early and, along with Fran’s egg bites,  work a treat!

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