Vegas 2015! … oh and the half marathon

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So it was Vegas time again, the city of bright lights where you see all forms of human life and leave all your inhibitions behind you … it’s a city made for nachos!

We set out to absorb all that Vegas had to offer. After all, we were old hands now. On arrival we had our usual red carpet transport from the airport in the form of the largest limo Vegas could muster. We felt like returning celebrities.

We experienced an awful lot again this year, from a taxi driver who thought he was a 4×4 off-roader to another who thought he was Bubba Gump, poor old Dean got stuck in the front with him and was nodding like a bobble-head for the whole journey, much to the delight of us all in the back.

We did Fremont Street. Oh Fremont Street. It’s a one off. Fran thought I was going to get arrested as I was sticking my GoPro in places no GoPro should ever go. There were half-naked girls with no inhibitions. There were girls wearing not much more than a whip and dental floss. Apparently there were some bare chested guys as well but I didn’t notice any of them.

We had to go back to our favourite bar …. Twin Peaks. Love that place and the staff are so friendly 🙂

Great restaurants, great bars, great atmosphere, great weekend. Oh the race? Yeah it was cold, windy and wet. The girls did really well, the guys ran like numbnuts. Dean and I did PW’s (personal worsts). In a way the run got in the way of a good weekend. Am I allowed to say that? Crap I think I just did.

Anyway here’s a quick 7 minute cameo of the weekend if you’re interested. If not just get yourself down there next year, you can do the race as well if you want 😉

Las Vegas r4n style …. oh and the half marathon!

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