… we’re all just Rugged Maniacs!

Click the video below

The biggest load of nachos gathered together for one single event so far, boy we made a splash, they wont forget us for a while! In fact after we mob hugged the MC of the event in our muddy r4n shirts (he was wearing a pristine, white, Egyptian cotton number) we probably won’t even get invited back!

We all had such a fantastic day, far better than we could have hoped for. We ran the event as a team so we all stuck together. We had one casualty though, Ironman Jamie, who had managed to endure over 16 hours of gruelling torture in the water on her bike and running a marathon, only lasted about 6 obstacles before turning her ankle over as she jumped into a water hazard! Get better soon Jamie.

I’m going to let the movie tell the story but if you see a nacho who did this event, stop them and ask how it went … you wont wipe the smile off their face!

The movie is 15 minutes long so, sit back, pump up the volume and preferably view it on a big screen. 🙂

The Rugged Maniac – run4nacho style!

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