Everybody loves run4nachos!

We’ve done it again! We’ve secured another great deal for our after run entertainment on Thursday’s.
Delta Golf Club have offered us 10% off all food and drink plus a free jug of beer for every 4 people who are there …. say what? That’s an amazing deal. If you ever needed an incentive to come out and run in the stunning surroundings of The Watershed, which you shouldn’t, this is it.
The Delta Golf Club is only a hop, skip and a jump away from where we park to start our runs so your thirst is quenched within minutes!
So now there is no excuse for all you guys thinking that maybe you’ll come out on a Thursday, just do it, amazing runs and a cracking deal afterwards.
The Watershed will be our ‘go to’ run location for all of this summer so we’ll see you there, right? 🙂

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  1. No kidding! Guess I can’t head straight home after running anymore, can I!!
    Thank you Delta Golf Club🏌

  2. Post

    Haha, that’s right Trace … the more people there, the more jugs we get, the longer we stay. It’s just a win win!! 🙂

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